Loading Your Trailer Safely

Drive SafelyA poorly loaded trailer can cause issues. Not packing properly can lead to loss of steering or even total loss of control.

Here are few tips to make sure your hauling as safely as you can.

  • Put about 60 percent of the weight toward the front.
  • Evenly distribute the weight around the trailer.
  • If you’re loading an ATV, be sure the engine is off and that the parking brake is on.
  • Secure everything with ropes, bungees, straps or other safe and durable binding.
  • Know the capacity limits of your specific trailer. Don’t overfill!
  • Be sure there are no items jutting out on either side or end.

It’s imperative for your safety and of those around to properly load your trailer. Follow these tips and use common sense when packing for work or play to avoid an accident, loss of belongings or injury.