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We know what it takes to build a trailer that’s tough and innovative. Our standards are high and we put a lot of time into selecting the deck over trailers we feature on our lot.

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We can customize trailers and truck beds specifically for you.

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From farm machinery to vehicles, supplies and equipment, deck over trailers are designed for maximum capacity hauling with widths up to 101 and 1/2".

Whether you're hauling cars, construction equipment or supplies, we offer a variety of deck over trailers with innovative features for every need.

Check out our deck over trailers from top manufacturers including Aluma, Belmont and BWise.

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Our inventory of deck over trailers is constantly changing.

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Belmont Deck Over Trailers
With Belmont, you get high-quality deck over trailers from a leader in trailer manufacturing. Belmont offers standard deck over trailers, gooseneck styles and an impressive deck over tilt model for easy loading and unloading. It’s not just a trailer, it’s a Belmont.

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BWise Deck Over Trailers
BWise offers high-quality deck over trailers with innovative features you won't find anywhere else. Bwise's line of deck over trailers include flatbed and gooseneck styles with impressive hauling capacities up to 24,000 pounds. Why settle for less? Make the Wise choice.

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Bauxlite Aluminum Deck Over Trailer
Bauxlite aluminum deck over, skid steer, and gooseneck trailers are Manufactured by Pine Hill. You can haul with confidence knowing these trailers are made to handle your heavy loads. All Bauxlite trailers come with a two-year  structural warranty.

Deck Over Trailers