Skid Steer Trailers

For people who work the land, skid steers allow you to do more, more easily, in less time. Your skid steer trailer should let you do the same. Pine Hill offers innovative skid steer trailers that help you easily load, transport, and unload equipment – so you can put it to work.

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From farm machinery to vehicles, supplies and equipment, deck over trailers are designed for maximum capacity hauling with widths up to 101 and 1/2".

Skid steer trailers are the Swiss Army knife of hauling. They do it all, from hauling skid steer loaders and attachments to other machines, equipment, tools, and supplies. It’s that variety that makes them a key part of every work day.

Pine Hill offers many skid steer trailers, depending on your needs. From heavy-duty trailers with all the bells and whistles to tilt trailers that make loading and unloading a snap, your perfect skid steer is waiting for you.

Pine Hill sells the following skid steer trailers: Bauxlite, Belmont, and BWise.

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Bauxlite SSA18TA5

Bauxlite Skid Steer Trailers
Pine Hill builds Bauxlite aluminum skid steer trailers to be easy to use and hard to break. Everything on them serves a purpose, from a heavy-duty frame and crossmembers to thoughtful extras like lockable toolboxes and removable fenders. Bauxlite is a skid steer’s best friend. And yours.

Belmont SS 1018-12

Belmont Skid Steer Trailers
Skid steers, the bell rings for thee. Belmont that is. Belmont skid steer trailers come loaded: positive latch and tilt speed control, D-rings, cushion cylinder, easy loading ramp. There’s even a tilt trailer that takes all the hard work out of loading and unloading.

BWise TH20-15

BWise Skid Steer Trailers
If you want a lot of choices, BWise has lots of options. Perhaps you’re looking for a compact, basic, easy-to-maneuver trailer built to haul just about anything. Or maybe you need a large, heavy-duty tilt trailer. Or a trailer with a massively wide deck. Whatever you need, BWise delivers it.