Tilt Trailers

Pine Hill puts every trailer brand we offer through rigorous, real-world testing to make sure they won’t let you down. Our tilt trailers are no exception. They offer convenience, speed, and independence when you need it most.

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Loading and unloading valuable vehicles or equipment can be stressful. Tilt trailers make it easier by using hydraulics or gravity to quickly and safely lower the deck to ground level, so you can load and unload without worrying about slipping off ramps – or anything else.

From low-profile to lightweight to car haulers and heavy-duty equipment haulers, see all the tilt trailers Pine Hill offers. Pick one and get ready to trailer at full tilt.

We offer tilt trailers from the most innovative manufacturers, including Aluma, Bri-Mar, and BWise.

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Aluma Trailers

Aluma Tilt Trailers
Aluma’s tilt trailers are legendary for being incredibly light and incredibly strong. Whether you’re hauling work equipment, cars, snowmobiles, or other must-haves, Aluma’s various bed sizes, configurations, custom options, and five-year warranty mean you can always haul with confidence.

Bri-Mar Trailer

Bri-Mar Tilt Trailers
With Bri-Mar tilt trailers, you get it all – affordability, durability, power. Bri-Mar’s gravity tilts allow for quick and easy loading and unloading of compact equipment. Their power tilts can handle skid steers, construction equipment, and anything else you need to haul.

BWise Trailer

BWise Tilt Trailers
BWise tilt trailers harness the power of innovation to make loading and unloading a better experience for all. Whether it’s a gravity tilt or hydraulic tilt, you’ll find BWise tilt trailers come with the right specs, surprisingly loaded standard features, and finishes that will make you look good while working hard.

Tilt Trailers