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Horse trailers for the weekend rider, professional rider and everyone in between.

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We know that when you’re hauling horses, you’re hauling precious cargo.

That’s why we only carry horse trailer manufacturers that have made safety a priority in their trailer design. In addition to safety, we also look for innovative features that can make your horse hauling easier.

Weekend Riders

For our weekend riders, we have a variety of one-horse trailers and 2-horse trailers for sale in a wide range of prices, so you can find something that matches your needs and your budget. We understand that weekend riders may be more interested in a durable model without the bells and whistles, so we try to include a diverse selection to fit every need.

Professional Riders

For our professional riders, we offer three-horse trailers with dressing rooms. Many of these trailers come with all of the bells and whistles and a place for everything. Stay organized and be prepared for your next show with one of our horse trailers.

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Sundowner Horse Trailers

Recognized as the industry leader in horse trailers, Sundowner is known for innovative features, exceptional workmanship and attention to detail and safety.

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Cotner Horse Trailers

You may not have heard of Cotner horse trailers, but this manufacturer is one of Pennsylvania’s best kept secrets. They know you want a safe trailer to haul your valuable cargo and their goal is to offer high-quality horse trailers at a reasonable price.

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