About Us

Pine Hill is the ultimate trailer dealer and manufacturer. We build innovative and heavy duty shed moving trailers, aluminum trailers, truck beds and toolboxes. We select a diverse variety of the highest quality brand trailers for resale. We repair trailers. We do it all.

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Pine Hill Manufacturing

Pine Hill Custom Shed Moving Trailer

Have you ever thought “It would be so much easier if my shed trailer did ________”?
We are the shed moving trailer experts. Insight from our customers has empowered us to create innovative, heavy duty shed moving trailers that make shed hauling easier. From sideway wheels to hydraulic tilts, we’ve created custom trailers based on our customers’ needs.
Have an idea? Share it with us. Our clients are the reason Pine Hill is the gold standard for shed hauling trailers. In fact, we have shed trailers all across the United States and in three other countries.

Jutland Truck Beds

The Jutland truck beds we build are unique because of the endless customization options offered. We can build a custom truck bed specifically for you and your precise needs.
Some of the customization options we offer include:

  • Shed industry specific corners (haul more shed)
  • Adjustable rails
  • Built-in/boxed-in wiring
  • Unique junction box installation
  • Extruded aluminum floors
  • Rapid turn-around time

Jutland Custom Toolboxes

We turn ordinary open or enclosed trailers or trucks into one-of-a-kind showcases.

Our custom fabrication team has its own line of custom aluminum truck beds for sale, truck toolboxes, ladder racks and roof walkways.

Bauxlite Utility Trailers

We manufacture Bauxlite light weight, yet heavy duty, aluminum trailers that can be used to haul all kinds of equipment. They can withstand heavy weights and come with a two-year structural warranty on all welds.

Trailer Customization

In addition to manufacturing our own custom shed moving trailers, utility trailers, truck beds and toolboxes, we can also customize your trailer, and any of the trailers on our lot.
We offer a variety of customizations. Some of the most common include:

  • Ladder Racks
  • Spare Tire Mount (& Spare Tires available)
  • Toolboxes- custom built or pre-made sizes to choose from
  • Industry tools (ex: electrical packages)
  • Winches
  • Sliding Winch Tracks
  • E-Track & Tie Downs

Trailer Repair

Our service team has a reputation in the local area and along the East Coast for problem-solving, over-the-phone diagnostics, and having the personnel and equipment in place to tackle the projects others won’t. Distance isn’t a barrier when it comes to trailer repair with Pine Hill.

For those who can make the trip to our shop, we have six bays dedicated to service and repair. Averaging hundreds of inspections a year, our service team will address any project, from utility trailers, gooseneck trailers, enclosed cargo trailers, cattle trailers and RVs.



Pine Hill Trailer Sales

Trailer Dealers

In addition to creating our own shed moving trailers and custom truck bodies, we carry lines of open and enclosed trailers in aluminum and steel frames. Each trailer manufacturer carried is subject to intense scrutiny, must be committed to evolving their product lines and have a quality control second to none, in order to have a space on Pine Hill's lot.

Because of Pine Hill’s rigid quality standards and a sales team dedicated to product knowledge, customer service, and integrity; Pine Hill Trailers has become a recognized name as the place to go for a trailer, in the tri-state area and beyond.  Working with homeowners, contractors, corporations, state and federal agencies.

Trailer Parts for Sale

Our large inventory and fast shipping department means less time off the road.

You could build a trailer on our showroom floor using only the parts we have in stock. The 3,800 sq. ft. show room and 7,000 parts inventory make Pine Hill’s parts center one of the best. 

We are proud to partner with quality vendors who deliver on a weekly basis, providing fast turnaround for all ordered parts. Our shipping department has teamed up with Fed-Ex, UPS, USPS and common courier, empowering Pine Hill to regularly ship parts all across the United States and Canada. The parts team is dedicated  to product knowledge, customer service and fast shipping.

Want to purchase parts and hauling accessories? We offer select popular parts through Pine Hill's online store, and even more in-store, available for order by phone (call or text) and email.