Driven by You

Hauling is hard. So we put our customers first and value insight to what makes the job easier. After all, when our customers succeed, we succeed.


Our goal is to make your job easier. We ask questions and are interested in your feedback on how our trailers could be better. Then we go to work on bringing those features to life. Sideways wheels on our shed trailers are just one example. On the trailers not manufactured by Pine Hill, we offer customized solutions or advise a trailer that will work best for the job you have.

Standard of Toughness

We build our trailers for heavy duty jobs – from the parts all the way to the paint. Our trailers were built to get the job done – they won’t quit on you. What about the trailers we haven’t built? We’ve done our homework – we know a tough trailer when we see one. Everything on our lot has passed our test, but if you want to know what will work best for the job you have, talk to someone on our team. We know these trailers inside and out.

Helpful Service

We’re happy to help service your trailer anytime you need it. We realize that time spent in the shop is money lost on the job, so we do our best to get you in and back out on the road as quickly as possible. If the distance to our shop is too far to travel, our service team is available by phone to help your team make any necessary repairs – we can help you find parts, too. With over 3,000 parts in stock plus a wide network of suppliers, paired with 10 active service bays (capacity for 18 simultaneous jobs)- Pine Hill is taking trailer and truck bed service to the next level.