Mule Shed Mover

There's a Mule shed mover designed for all your needs.

In addition to offering Pine Hill Shed Trailers that make shed moving quick, easy and efficient, we also provide Mule shed movers suited for sheds of all shapes and sizes.

Mule Catalog






Need to move a small-to-medium size shed?

Our Mule 413 is perfect for moving and placing small to medium-sized sheds.


What about your largest structures?

You'll appreciate our Mule 524, 624T and 737T shed movers, which provide a real "kick" with extra Hp and enhanced lift capacity.






Our Mule shed mover models include:


Mule 413
When you need to haul and place heavier structures, the Mule 413 won’t let
anyone or anything down. More weight. More power. Double the torque drive of the
Mule III. This Mule can lift up to 5,000 pounds with ease.

Mule 524
This Mule is a real powerhouse. With incredible lift capacity, the Mule 524
features a 24 HP engine and offers unparalleled performance. Moving and setting sheds
or other large structures is easy. And an optional remote control makes it even easier.

Mule 624T
Shed moving is about quickly adapting to the changing landscape – and
customers’ requirements. Versatility is what you need, and the Mule 624T delivers it.
Big time. It’s fast (up to 4 MPH). It’s strong (5,000 lb lifting capacity standard/10,000 lb
lifting capacity optional). And it comes loaded with everything that matters, including
i-Trax® technology.

Mule 737T
The most powerful Mule ever! It offers 54% more power than the 624T
with an electronic fuel-injected 37 HP Vanguard engine. The most extreme deliveries
become easier thanks to its standard 10,000 lb lifting capacity, i-Trax® technology, EZ
Stow Dollies, and other options.





Don't forget the Mule carriage! Improve your day-to-day with a simplified way to load and unload this equipment. Install available.


Be sure to check out our Jutland aluminum "Shed Bed", manufactured by Pine Hill, with a customizable design focused on your industry.